MIT Global Startup Workshop

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Considering innovative start-up ideas? Looking to expand your entrepreneurial network on a global scale? Attend the MIT Global Startup Workshop, the world’s premier learning and networking opportunity for entrepreneurs. This year’s workshop will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland, March 24–26, to the theme of Conquering the Economic Crisis with Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Green Energy. Its focus will be to interactively explore how to harness the powers of entrepreneurship and green-energy technologies to recover from the current economic crisis and create long-term sustainability. Iceland, a world leader in the emerging field of green energy, is the only country generating 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources.

The student-run three-day conference is geared to up-and-coming and established entrepreneurial leaders, financiers, professors, students, government agents, and private parties looking to stimulate discussion, generate ideas, and share best entrepreneurial practices. It features inspirational talks, expert panel discussions, interactive case studies, breakout sessions, an elevator pitch competition, a business plan competition workshop, and plenty of opportunities for facilitated networking with participants from more than 60 nations. You’ll leave with a global support network for all stages of entrepreneurial activity.

“Three power-packed days—fun, eye-opening, inspirational.”
—GSW attendee

This year’s confirmed keynote speakers include:

  • Alf Bjørseth (founder of Renewable Energy Corporation)
  • Robin Chase SM ’86 (founder of Zipcar and GoLoco)
  • Nader F. Darehshori (former CEO of Houghton Mifflin)
  • Kenneth P. Morse (founder of 3Com and five other companies).

Join this unique community, experience the dynamic forum, and help build the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Register today.

Mickey & Friends Parking Structure

Mickey & Friends Parking Structure

Parking garages are rarely compared to works of art. Consumers are more likely to think of them as unsightly yet convenient, clunky but inevitable. However a new exhibit at the National Building Museum may flip that thinking, in part, because it showcases the work of architect Harry Wolf  ’60.

House of Cars: Innovation and the Parking Garage, on display through July 11, 2010, features the Walt Disney Arrival Building and Parking Structure in Anaheim, CA (Mickey & Friends Parking Structure). The garage, which holds 10,500 cars, was the world’s largest parking structure when it was constructed in 1998…and may still be.

Wolf’s unusual design for the University of California, San Diego Revelle Parking Structure is an enormous urn, 316 feet in diameter. The circular building, which seems to recede from the viewer, reduces the sense of mass and suggests motion. The green project is naturally ventilated with courts bringing sunlight even to the lowest levels.

Hmmmm…the parking garage as beautiful and green.

The carbon counter, seen here on the Deutsche Bank building in New York City, estimates and displays the amount of green house gases in our atmosphere. Photo:

The carbon counter, shown above on the Deutsche Bank building in New York City, estimates and displays the real-time amount of green house gases being released into the atmosphere. Photo:

From NASA’s recent green rocket to apparel brand PACT’s sustainable underwear, “green” inventions are cropping up all over the United States. Curious what the rest of the world is up to? Take a look at’s list, “10 Eco-Inventions From Around the World.”

Keep your eyes peeled for MIT’s contribution—a real-time carbon counter, developed by the Institute’s Global Climate Change Program and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Other highlights on the list include a foot pump phone charger from the UK, and solar powered air purifiers from Singapore.

Sustainability contest winner.

Sustainability contest winner.

Postdoctoral associate Luiz Godoy has won the Sustainability at MIT Photo Contest for “AdMITting Green,” his image of compact fluorescent light bulbs flourishing in Killian Court. Clearly sustainability is of broad interest outside typical disciplines–he earned his PhD in microbiology and immunology.

In other MIT Energy Initiative news, director Ernest J. Moniz has been named to serve on President Barack Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology and the White House is establishing two multimillion dollar federal Energy Frontier Research Centers at MIT

Over the past few years, Earth Day has picked up a lot of steam at MIT. In fact, this year the Institute set aside four days for sustainability-related exhibitions, fairs, and a film screening. Visit the Sustainability @ MIT Web site for details and a full schedule.

And if it’s been awhile since you calculated your ecological footprint, check out Earth Day Network’s sleek new calculator. Choose an avatar, and then answer a series of questions to find out how many planets it takes to support your lifestyle. Once you’ve got the number, record it in the poll below.

Screenshot of footprint calculator.

Screenshot of footprint calculator.