The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is known for being the premier engineering university in the world, but something that is often overlooked is its fantastic business and management department. Ranked number two in the country, the Sloan School of Management produces some of the best investment bankers, traders, and entrepreneurs in the world. With Course 14 and 15 becoming more and more popular amongst MIT students, many organizations focused on business have been created to feed MIT’s interest in business. One of these organizations, the Sloan Undergraduate Management Association (SUMA), has been an advocate of business for undergrads. Making connections with companies, holding events, and teaching students about the business world has led SUMA to become one of the biggest clubs on campus.

On Tuesday, March 9, SUMA held an event called “Tools of the Street: Valuing a Company.” “Tools of the Street” is one of SUMA’s themes for their events, where members and guests can learn about tools and strategies used on Wall Street and in finance companies. The event was headed by Kyle Atkins, a senior at MIT with years of finance experience who is also a matriculating full-time analyst for J.P. Morgan. Kyle talked about his experiences at different firms as an intern and gave the audience a glimpse into his life as a business professional. It was an exceptional opportunity to learn from an experienced and qualified individual who was still a student at MIT. SUMA plans to do more during the semester, including Excel/Powerpoint workshops, guest speaker speeches, and more Tools of the Street seminars. With the economy faltering, who better than MIT students to come to the rescue?