Two video games with MIT connections are currently up for the $10,000 Indie Game Challenge’s Gamer’s Choice Award, as voted on by the public.

Cogs (shown top), programmed by Lazy 8 Studios founder Rob Jagnow SM ’01, PhD ’05, is a 3-D puzzle game with high-end rendering in which players build a variety of machines from sliding tiles.

Waker (shown bottom), created by the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, is an educational platform-arcade and puzzle game that aims to teach players about the theories of displacement and velocity. The GAMBIT team (Poof Productions) consisted of MIT staff and grad students as well as students from other universities.Screen shot of Waker

Find videos of each game as well as what inspired the creators on the IGC site. In addition to the Gamer’s Choice Award, both games are also up for $100,000 grand prizes—luckily in different categories. Winners will be announced Feb. 19, so hurry and vote.

What’s more, Cogs is also up for an Excellence In Design award from the Independent Games Festival. Winners will be announced March 11. Congrats to both!


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