It’s a known fact that most students that graduate from MIT jump right into respectable careers, and for good reason! A one-of-a-kind education, opportunities to conduct research in world class labs, and several other reasons make MIT a breeding pool for career-ready individuals. When students are ready to branch out in search of a job or internship, we need to look no further than our own campus. This past weekend, a career fair was held specializing in jobs in Europe. The fair was held in the Johnson Athletic Center from January 30- February 1, with hundreds of MIT students and several companies including TomTom International, Deutsche Consulting, and the French Embassy in attendance. The fair was spread through three days, with the first day consisting of company presentations, and the next two days consisting of first and second round interviews. The European Career Fair was only one of the many career fairs that MIT puts on every year. Other fairs include the MIT Tech Fair, the Impact Career Expo, and the MIT Career Fair, the largest of the fairs, held in January. Throughout the year, students are given opportunities to meet representatives from major companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Jane Street, and many more. Albert Kao, a sophomore, says, “career fairs are a great way for me to get in contact with actual companies and get ready for my future career.” The 2010 MIT Career Fair will be held in September, both current MIT students and alumni are welcome.

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