Drum roll, please.

Ernie ’12: Over IAP, I became more Korean, won the 6.190 competition with Ryan, took UPOP, played hockey, went to church, and coded websites.

Jason 10: I danced excessively for various dance groups on campus.

Pooja 11: I worked at a strategic healthcare consulting firm, Decision Resources, as an analyst.

Dan 11: Bonded with the fam. And I guess the LSAT.

Claire 11: I did the 6.470 web programming competition and went on outdoor adventures with Winter School!

Giulia and Diana 11: Studied for the MCAT!

Kimmee 12: I was in course 4 studio 28 hrs a day. ‘Nuff said. Ohhhh but I got an A for the class!

Juhee 13: Worked in the admissions office!

Ariadne 10: I practiced twice a day for the varsity swim team, worked for UPOP (the undergraduate practice opportunities program) and attended a course on project management in Vermont.

Ryan 10: I coded like a fiend over IAP for the 2010 Speech Recognition Competition! (Ed note: So modest; he also WON!)

Elizabeth 13: I went to Disney World!

Evelyn 12: I worked at Donorschoose.org – a great nonprofit in NYC.

Troy 13: I enjoyed the sun back home!

Tina 12: I set up a chapter of Leadership Training Institute in Brazil.

Jamie 11: I did an externship at a Medical Devices start up!

Leigh 10: I took an HST class in which I dissected a cadaver.

Jess 11: I participated in MLK Seminar and completed an installation about minorities in media.

Chris ’10: I backpacked through Europe with 2 of my friends- 10 countries in 31 days!

Tom ’10: I built a ceramic water filter factory in Northern Ghana.

Beth ’10: I ice climbed and hiked in the pretty Patagonian mountains of Chile!

And finally, a friend who shall remain nameless, just walked into my room after having a little too much fun at a Super Bowl party at his frat. I asked him to tell me what he did during IAP in a sentence.

“I just worked in my…” His eyes widened and he was silent for a few moments.

“…I need to go into lab right now. To check on my cellies…”

With that, he turned on his heel and walked out of my room.

I’m worried for the cellies [sic].