Bioengineering hack on Feb. 7.

Bioengineering hack on Feb. 7. Photo: Eric Schmiedl ’09

Hack aficionado and photographer Eric Schmiedl ’09 captured a Feb. 7 hack in photos and this on-the-scene description:

Satirizing MIT’s newest major (Biological Engineering), hackers representing “Stepford Labs” at the MIT Department of Biological Engineering installed a display case full of “enhanced” simulated body parts in MIT’s Infinite Corridor on 2/7/10. The body parts included: a head with a functional video camera replacing an eye, a leg with a power socket, feet with rolling wheels, an “Avatar”-style head, a face with LEDs in the eyes (transmitting “IHTFP” in Morse code), a head with a “Matrix”-style socket in the neck, a neck featuring a jack for “IP over Voice” as well as analog audio, and a hand with a USB “thumb drive.”

See a slide show of the hack photos.