R2D2 at the 2010 MIT Mystery Hunt with team R2Disco

In case you missed this year’s Mystery Hunt, here’s a quick glimpse of all the hoopla and excitement, from the puzzle creators’ headquarters to team rooms abuzz with strategies for solving puzzles. Find out why the 29-year-old Hunt is still so alluring, just how global teams are, and the best food to make it through the long weekend (which is far more sophisticated than the Doritos and Mountain Dew of yore). Also check out a map of Mystery Hunt coin locations—complete with fun anecdotes—since the Hunt’s inception and learn about the Hunt’s origins.

And yes, you will see plenty of R2D2, who so graciously posed for the camera and cheered on team R2Disco but who did not, alas, sign my autograph book. (Sigh.) Maybe next year.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For more Mystery Hunt fun, check out short movie “swedes” (remakes) created by the teams as required by one of the puzzles. Team Palindrome has a funny rendition of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Others can be found in the Related Videos column.