Dance and music aren’t really things that one would expect an MIT student to be interested in, but recently the “dancing scene” at MIT has been huge! With several dance groups like Ridonkulous, Mocha Moves, Dance Troupe, etc. MIT is full of students that truly have a passion for dance. Another one of these groups, Imobilare, which focuses on breakdancing, has had a major impact on the Institute in the past few years. During IAP, Imobilare is hosting breakdancing classes every Monday and Wednesday. Seperated into two classes, Breakdance 101 and 202, these sessions give MIT students a chance to try something new or sharpen their skills. Breakdance 101 is meant for those who have little to no breakdancing experience and 202 is for those who have past experience. Held in Lobby 13 every Monday & Wednesday, these classes are taught by a renowned breakdancer from the Boston area named Ivan. Teaching everything from freezes to footwork, Ivan definitely knows to have a fun time but also teach efficiently. With more than 20 people in Breakdance 101 and 15 in 202, Imobilare is giving students a chance of a lifetime. I thoroughly enjoyed every class so far, and I’m thankful that the Institute allows for these classes to take place. Imobilare is completely run by students, and President Mason Tang ’11 says, “It’s an honor to share my passion of dancing with my fellow students.” It just goes to show how passionate MIT students are about their interests, and how much they want to share these passions with the student body.