Academic Earth is one of the top 50 Web sites, according to Time magazine. In fact, they tagged the online learning site as #9 and noted MIT’s pioneering involvement in sharing knowledge with the public for free:

Academic Earth web site“The latest campus revolutionaries are the so-called edupunks—and their mission is to break up the ivory tower so everyone can pile into the classroom. MIT was the first university to heed the edupunk call: it started posting syllabi, course notes, and videotaped lectures on back in 2001. Harvard, Berkeley, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford soon followed suit.…Now Academic Earth aggregates all this material so you can audit classes from the comfort of your computer. “

Of course, MIT is all over the place. The cluster of videos on Media, Education, and the Marketplace includes the an introduction by MIT Linguistics Professor Shigeru Miyagawa and talks such as the Next Big Thing: Video Internet by Robert Metcalfe ’68; Educational Uses of Technology by Steven Lerman ’72, SM ’73, PhD ’75; OCW Executive Director Anne Margulies on using  interactive media in education; and MIT Professor John Belcher on teaching physics using multimedia.

So, in the spirit of IAP, you might want to check out Academic Earth. Anyone for the Morality of Murder by Harvard Professor Michael Sandel, the New Testament as History by Yale Professor Dale B. Martin, or the Blue Planet Oceanography series by UCLA Professor Edwin Schauble? Enjoy!