Logan Airport sure had its fair share of MIT students this past week, with hundreds of students returning to the Institute for IAP. Winter break is a special time for MIT students because it gives us an opportunity to revisit our roots and celebrate Christmas and New Years with our families. I’ve already heard several funny and interesting stories about winter break from my peers: embarrassing moments with family over Christmas dinner, hilarious laughs shared with friends, and time spent with new friends. I spent Christmas and New Years in Lake Tahoe, California, with my family and picked up right where we left off before I left for MIT. It’s definitely reassuring to know that you have a place and people to fall back on if things get rough at the Institute! But after two weeks of relaxation, we students are thinking about only one thing: academics. Or are we? With so many activities during IAP, it’s hard not to find something fun to do! I am already signed up for breakdancing classes, two academic classes, and intramural basketball, just to name a few things. The year is starting off with a bang and it should be an awesome 2010 for MIT! The morning I got back to MIT, I witnessed a fantastic sunrise, hopefully it’s a sign for a great year. I hope everyone had a fantastic winter break and a prosperous new year!

Boston Sunrise, 01/05/10

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Editor’s note: Alumni are welcome to take part in noncredit IAP classes and events. Come to campus!