The one thing I’ll miss most about college is the fact that dorm life is like one giant slumber party – you get to live (sans over protective parents…hi mom!) with your best friends (sleep/eat/study/party) and there is very little alone time, if you choose. Middle of the night quandry? Forget the telephone – just go next door. Need a study buddy? Great, everyone is in the lounge writing papers. Dinner time? Baker Dining – together. Gym? Round up the troops. Funny youtube video that you *have* to share? Forget email lists, just carry your laptop into the hall. Birthday? Why wait until the birth-day? Midnight is the more appropriate time to celebrate.

Or so I thought, until it was 12:22am on my birthday and I had not been summoned by friends. No knock on my door, no “showering” (did that always go on at MIT? Anyway, my friends know better), not even an instant message. A bit downtrodden, I decided it wasn’t a big deal, and that we’d just celebrate tomorrow as planned. But I wanted to say goodnight to everyone, so I slipped out of my room to scamper down to the lounge. I was greeted by a never ending supply of paper, each with a different word of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs. And then…well…see for yourself.