The first semester of the 2009-2010 school year comes to a close, as students at the Institute finish their finals, pack their bags, and head home for winter break! The week before finals was packed with events, from study breaks to acapella concerts. One of the highlights of the week was Dance Troupe’s first show of the year, called “Recession.” With a wide variety of dances including hip-hop, contemporary, tango, and even belly dancing, “Recession” displayed another one of the many talents of MIT students. With five separate shows on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, hundreds of students, parents, and even staff came to see the MIT dancers in action. The atmosphere was electric! I, myself, participated in a hip-hop number, choreographed by Carter Chang, Jonathan Blackwood, Daniel Kim, and Stephen Goodman. With finals week just the week after, the Dance Troupe concert was a great way to take a break from studying and for those that performed in the show, it was an extremely rewarding experience. Composing a number was a great way to bond with fellow students, and I look forward to participating in Dance Troupe next semester as well. Happy winter break to all!