Man extending a hand to shake

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Coordinators of Charm School, that much-beloved Independent Activities Period (IAP) tradition where MIT students brush up on various life skills, are looking for alumni to extol the real-world virtues of these proficiencies—such as table manners and handshaking—to illustrate their value. Has your mastery of small talk or networking helped you get ahead or make an important connection? Do you rock the art of nonverbal communication? Has your ability to handle difficult people or situations earned you praise? If so, please submit a quote for possible inclusion on posters to be displayed at the Jan. 29 Charm School session.

Charm School logoCheck out a list of possible topics to comment on. You don’t need to have attended Charm School; you just have to indicate how your mastery of etiquette, manners, communication, and/or personal skills have benefitted you at some point in your life. Please submit quotes by Dec. 16 and include your degree year and course number(s) and current occupation/endeavors.

If you prefer to disseminate your wisdom in person, volunteer to be on the Charm School “faculty” and run a course. Or, if you want to learn some life skills yourself, feel free to join in the fun on Jan. 29, 2010, from noon–4:00 p.m. at the Stratton Student Center.