The weather is changing, leaves are falling, and finals week is getting closer and closer! This can only mean one thing: winter break and IAP are just around the corner! As some students pack their bags awaiting a well-earned break, many others are preparing for amazing endeavors during the Independent Activities Period (IAP). While countless students are exploring the Institute’s on-campus opportunities such as UROPs, classes, and sports, some students are venturing past state and national boundaries to participate in internships and travel around the world. For example, my brother Kevin, a junior at MIT, will be shacking up with a few friends in an apartment in New York City while working at Deutsch Bank throughout IAP. Jason Scott, Class of ’09 Class President, will be travelling to Turkey and Eastern Europe, something he’s always wanted to do. Jason says “It’s amazing to have the opportunity to take a trip like this, and I would not have the time without IAP.”

Even for those staying at MIT during IAP, the possibilities are endless! The activities during IAP cover every facet of an MIT student’s desires. Several of my floormates plan to take a truffle-making class, some are taking a snowboarding class, and some, including myself, are taking classes to earn units and get ahead in their majors. From sports to classes to even truffles, MIT students are taking full advantage of all that the Institute has to offer. And for those that are using their IAP to sit back, relax, and enjoy a month-long winter break… hey, that’s not a bad idea either!

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