Fred Shapiro ’74, Yale librarian and editor the Yale Book of Quotations, has been keeping a weekly column on the New York Times economics blog (called Freakonomics: The Hidden Side of Everything) about quotations and their origins. When Shapiro doesn’t know a quote’s origin offhand, or have it cataloged in one of his books, he embarks on a mission to find it, using database searches and old fashioned open book research. The last round of quotes he addressed included:

“If it were not for women, all the money in the world would be worthless.”

“There have only ever been four or five stories in this world, we just tell them in different forms.”

Wondering about a certain quote? Leave a comment on his blog. Also, stay tuned for a more in-depth profile of Shapiro, to appear in Tech Review, as well Shapiro’s suggestions for the Associated Press’s top 10 quotes of 2009.