This week, a collection of photos celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989.

Chiseling away at the Berlin Wall

A man chisels away at a graffiti-covered section of the Berlin Wall that says "Walls Are Not Everlasting!" after the fall of communism in Germany (© Owen Franken for CORBIS).

Revelers atop the Berlin Wall

Revelers wave sparklers and sit atop the Berlin Wall during New Year's Eve festivities, Jan. 1, 1990 (© Owen Franken for CORBIS).

Reunited Germans atop the Berlin Wall

Reunited Germans celebrate New Year's Eve atop the Berlin Wall two months after the border between the divided city was opened. The formal reunification of the two Germanies took place ten months later, on October 3, 1990 (© Owen Franken for CORBIS).

Revelers at the Brandenburg Gate

Revelers at the Brandenburg Gate sit on top of a remnant of the Berlin Wall holding candles as they celebrate the first New Year in a unified Berlin since World War II. A month earlier, the Wall was torn down by East and West Berliners, reacting to the fall of the East German Communist government (© Owen Franken for CORBIS).

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