Exams, PSETs, quiz40D 171zes, projects, presentations! The typical MIT student slaves over these tasks on a normal basis, where can we catch a break? Sure, we could tough it out until the weekend, maybe we can skip a class or two, but an easier way to relieve some stress and just relax is going to a study break. Study breaks are offered by several clubs, dorms, and classes as a way to just chill out and enjoy life outside the Institute’s academic expectations. Usually held during the late afternoon or night, study breaks are more than just “breaks from studying”; they’re interactive and social activities that allow people to meet new people and enjoy each other’s company. Whether it’s a shaved ice study break with the Chinese Students Club, a Cosi sandwich study break with SUMA, or a yoga study break with Baker 6th, we not only get our mind of PSETs for an hour or two, but we also get to try new things.

40D 172

The 2013 Class Council

The Class of 2013 recently had their first event on Tuesday, a donut and cider study break in the Student Center. This was definitely my favorite study break of the year because I got to share it with my fellow freshmen. We chowed down on donuts and sipped apple cider while listening to music, looking at sweater designs, and just chilling out before all of the work we had to do that night. Danielle Class, freshman class president, said, “Attending a study break is a simple and low-commitment way to balance your schedule and spend time with your class.” The 2013 class council has plans for future study breaks, and there are several occurring around campus every week. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a study break sometime soon!