As I understand it, most of the money our class council has (to do fun things for the class of 2010) comes from Career Fair…specifically from the money companies pay to set up shop at MIT and talk to our students/their potential employees. As hundreds of ’10s  and I walked through Boston at 2AM looking for a cab, I learned the reason we weren’t bussed to and from Boos Cruise was because the economy sucks and we made $80,000 less from Career Fair than the class of 2009. Ouch. DSC01983

Boos Cruise was still quite fun. We set sail from the Boston Harbor and enjoyed three hours of eating, dancing (on two different levels!), and costume-admiring, and I saw classmates  I haven’t seen since…orientation.

Among my favorite costumes: Neon (the element), A “Death Panel,” and a group of cows with udders that produced an alcoholic beverage. To the left is Noah’s Ark. (Everyone had a pair, but not all were present for the picture. Though there was a single unicorn who was not in a pair – hence why there are no unicorns! Genius, right?)

On Halloween itself, I stayed in to study, but watched Grey’s Anatomy with a fellow pre-med friend (it’s our ritual) and bought a Twix Bar from the snack machine to make up for the fact that I wasn’t trick or treating. Maybe next year…

Check out more costume pics taken by the person working Baker Desk on Halloween here: