Last April, I posted a story about a mouse in my friend Jason’s* dorm room that got a lot of laughs. About a week after the post, Jason’s girlfriend and I were chatting in his room while he was at lab. We decided to call and tell him that we had trapped the mouse (which we’d named “Felix”) under a trash can in his room. “You need to come home NOW. We’re really, really scared!” We had to keep passing the phone to the other person because we were literally doubled over in laughter as we lied through our teeth about Felix’s whereabouts. Somehow, he bought the story and rushed home to kill the mouse. “Just don’t let him out. I’ll be right there!! Stay calm, seriously,” he told us.

We felt kind of bad that he was postponing potentially-life-saving-UROP-research in the name of a practical joke, but it was after 9pm!

I videotaped the entire thing…all 4.5 minutes it took Jason to get the situation under control, carefully and slowly slide the trash can out of his room and into a safe place in the hall – surrounded by cardboard boxes and mouse traps – put his gloves on, and lift the can to find a strategically placed stuffed mouse toy (courtesy of yours truly) underneath. It’s a video that I cannot watch, to this day, without crying with laughter. You’ll have to take my word for it, though, because Jason (which isn’t his real name, by the way) is applying to Medical schools and would kill me if I posted it.

He got me back, though, a few days later. I was sleeping in on a Sunday morning when I heard banging at my door. I bolted out of bed to find Jason waving  a dead mouse hanging from a trap in the air, about 8 inches from my face. I screamed and slammed the door, very uncertain as to whether or not I was dreaming, and yelled “WHAT WAS THAT?”

“IT’S FELIX! I CAUGHT HIM!” he shouted triumphantly.
“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!” I yelled back.
There was a pause, and then I heard my tough-guy friend whimper through the shut door, “…he kinda smells.”

* = Names changed to protect the innocent applying to med school 🙂