Whenever I attend events like last week’s SK Late Nite Variety Show, where MIT’s most courageous perform bizarre, embarrassing, and awesome acts for all to see, two thoughts invariably come to my mind:

1. I can’t believe these are MIT students.

2. Was it always like this or is this a new thing?

I mean the first question in the best way possible. I think it’s GREAT that international olympiad winners, valedictorians, and future nobel prize winners can come here and let loose to the extent that they do. But it still surprises me! Maybe you can help me out with my second question – has it always been this way?DSC01911 (By the way, the video I’m posting is the most tame act from the evening, so as to not corrupt anyone.)

My long weekend consisted of a dinner party on Friday night at Bexley (picture at right), attendance at 3 (!) MIT sporting events to cheer on some friends (Field Hockey, Soccer, and Football), a trip to Whole Foods (WHY is that place so expensive?), meetings, homework, and a party last night.

Sad it’s over 😦