Curious about what life is like for MIT graduate students these days? Or maybe you’d like to connect with current grad students? You’ve got a few options.gradblog

You can get a taste of daily life via the MIT Grad Blog, a new outpost of musings and information hosted by the Graduate Students Council (GSC). Follow GSC Alex Hamilton Chan’s predictions on who will win the upcoming Nobel Prizes in economics or get his tips for the best food in Boston. Find out how research is like riding the Cyclone at Coney Island –“the highest of highs and the lowest of gut-wrenching, vomit-inducing, white-knuckled, heart-beating-in-my-throat lows. Or just browse through the Humor section.

The Graduate, a student magazine also hosted by GSC, offers a tad more in-depth focus, for example this article: “Need a Job? Cheer up you’re at MIT.”  Read “Barfly” for tips on fabulous nightlife. You can also read Alumni Focus articles such as “Connecting the Dots.”

Want to add your voice? The Graduate is looking for alumni to write and to be interviewed. Interested? Contact the editor: Anusuya Das, a PhD Candidate in biological engineering.