Goby.com websiteCan’t figure out what to do tonight or this weekend? Think you’ve exhausted the local hiking trails or need somewhere fun to take the kids? Check out Goby.com (pronounced go-be), a new search engine developed in an MIT research lab by company cofounders Michael Stonebraker, an MIT adjunct professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and Mujde Pamuk SM ’07, a research affiliate at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. Goby searches through hundreds of prequalified databases for all things travel- and event-related nationwide: live music, restaurants, lodging, museums, outdoor recreation, tours, off-beat attractions, and more. Results are presented in a clear format with photos, summaries, and relevant info and plotted on a map.

Goby uses deep Web technology, which, according to the Web site, “provides semantic organization and lends structure to unstructured data.” Using information provided in three fields—what, where, and when—Goby sorts, filters, and maps your results. While you can certainly use it to learn more about your local area, it’s especially helpful if, say, you’re taking a trip to admire the fall colors but need a few other points of interest along the way to jazz up your weekend getaway.