Image: Vitality

Let’s all get online: my mom, my toddler neighbor, and of course, my prescription pill bottle. The latter is the idea behind GlowCap, a screw-on cap for standard prescription medicine bottles that links to the Internet and has embedded sensors and transmitters.

With the help of a computer, GlowCap users can program when their pills need to be taken. At the designated time, the cap flashes. Thirty minutes later, an alert sounds, followed by another, and if the container still remains sealed, then the system makes an automated reminder phone call to the patient or a caregiver.

Alumnus Joshua Wachman ’90, SM ’96 is the president of Vitality, the company that developed the cap, and CEO David Rose is a frequent lecturer at the MIT Media Lab.

Beyond the health benefits derived from sticking to a regular pill-taking schedule, GlowCap proponents also claim that fewer emergencies resulting from missed meds could save lives and reduce long term health care costs.