For many of us, the start of the semester is synonymous with FRESHMEN.  They are MIT’s future (this has become more apparent now that I am almost on my way out) and so we wholeheartedly invite them to join the things that made MIT special for us: our dorms, independent living groups, sororities, fraternities, sports, and extra curricular activities.

In ’06-07, when I was a freshman, Sorority Recruitment was held in the Spring. It has since moved to the Fall along with Fraternity and Dorm rush. Spring Recruitment allows for an entire semester of getting to know upperclassmen from each sorority before making a decision, but Fall Recruitment gives freshmen a large pledge class full of new friends and 100 upperclassmen eager to support and befriend from their very first week at MIT.

A record number of young women went through Recruitment this year and I think I speak for all of the Panhellenic community when I say we are absolutely thrilled with our new members and can’t wait to get to know them better. Check them out below!

Pi Beta Phi 2013s,  Alpha Chi Omega 13s, Alpha Phi 13s, Sigma Kappa 13s, Kappa Alpha Theta 13s, [Not pictured: AEPhi, who will be holding their recruitment later this week!]