The MIT Faculty Newsletter is stretching its editorial wings, directing its content toward the Obama administration as well as the campus community. The Special Edition: Science and Technology for the Twenty-First Century, published this summer, was addressed to President Obama and distributed to members of Congress. Now the editorial team hopes for comments and future articles from faculty and alumni.

Energy Demand

Energy demand is a national issue.

The special issue praises administration moves such as the appointment of scientists to the cabinet, channeling stimulus funding to research and development, and eliminating barriers to stem cell research. Here are a few of the faculty topics:

• A new slant on taxing fossil fuels that redistributes monies to energy-conscious users.

• Redesigning buildings, which consume 40 percent of the primary energy.

• 21st century uses of mobile phones as catalysts for global economic growth.

• Defining whether the economic crisis was caused by a few rotten apples or a rotten barrel.

In the next issue, you can expect to find articles on biomedical research, chemistry and chemical engineering, science education, and social aspects of globalization. And maybe your article. Alumni comments and articles about these and other topics are welcome. Email the managing editor at