Now that many students are back on campus, the new ones getting orientated to life at MIT, the returning ones enjoying the last precious, guilt-free days before classes begin next Wednesday, I thought it would be interesting to see how some of these students are acclimating. Below is a list of blogs from a new international grad student adjusting to America, two freshmen who are also applying to be bloggers for the Admissions Office, and a returning grad student in management. I’ve also included two pertinent alumni blogs. Read on for some interesting perspectives of MIT.

Every year the Alumni Association hands out laundry bags to new students at the Activities Midway.

How does the Alumni Association help welcome new students? With free laundry bags!

New students
The Sam Range Blog is written by Michigan freshman Sam Range, who plans on majoring in aeronautics and astronautics. Read his essay for MIT about why engineering intrigues him and the lowdown on the many choices facing an incoming student—east campus or west? Preorientation program in Yellowstone or sailing along the Mass coast? (he went to Yellowstone as part of the Discover Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences program).

Mituxy is written by future math major Ryan Normandin from Uxbridge, MA. Read about his thoughts on living in MacGregor, spending summer days “doing math” (proving the various formulas he’s created for the integration of certain families of functions), and what he thinks MIT will really be like.

Smatthey at MIT is written by an unidentified Australian (smatthey is a nickname) about to begin his PhD in physics. Learn about his adjusting to life in Cambridge and settling in at the Sidney-Pacific dorm, prepping for the MIT general physics exam (required before classes begin), walking along the Charles River and ending up at a folk dance, and participating in a pub quiz at the Thirsty Ear with his team, the Drink-along Podcasts.

The dome under wraps. Photo: Joshua Velasquez '08.

The dome under wraps. Photo: Joshua Velasquez '08.

Returning student
In Evening Walk, management grad student Erdin Beshimov writes a cautionary tale for students new to Boston and explains what mistake to avoid, checks out the MIT Entrepreneurship Club, and shows the best business card he’s ever seen (which happens to be an alumnus’s).

Joshua Velasquez ’08, a project manager in MIT’s Office of the Dean for Student Life, posts photos of campus life from his iPhone—everything from the community garden atop the West Garage parking structure to the wrap around the dome. He also talks about helping plan the discover product design program for incoming frosh.

In Memes of Ben Ho, Cornell Assistant Professor of Economics Ben Ho ’99, ’00, MNG ’00 waxes nostalgic about his days as an MIT tour guide.