Sorry to disappoint – I have not created a photograph that can capture a scent, nor do I know an MIT alum who has done such a thing.

I did, however, wish for such a thing last night, as I walked through the North End and a fresh air + salt water + olive oil + tomato sauce and wine aroma floated through the humid air. I’ve been most exposed to these perfect sensory experiences on family vacations growing up, so I spent the whole first fifteen minutes of walking down Hanover repeatedly exclaiming, “I feel like I’m on vacation!” Truthfully, I often feel like I’m on vacation when I’m in Boston (i.e., all the time). Can you tell I’m from a small town? DSC01572

Anyway, a few friends and I dined at G’Vanni’s last night. Two friends in particular almost had heart attacks after seeing one of their professors eating dinner with her husband. We thought professors ceased to exist outside of class?

I’m also including a picture from last year, when a group of us were driving home from dinner near the North End and literally turned the car around to jump around in water. I’m interested to know if those of you who stayed in Boston during the summer spent your time on these same sorts of excursions? That is, all of the touristy things that there is little time to do during the school year. Do tell!