MIT Sloan Alumni Magazine

MIT Sloan Alumni Magazine

Why do humans retain highly detailed information when they experience catastrophes? In the MIT Sloan Alumni Magazine, business and organizational leaders reflect on the crises of the past and how the lessons learned may help in today’s troubled times.

Meet a U.S. Navy flight surgeon who worked with Blue Angels flight crews then came to MIT Sloan to become an entrepreneur in the medical devices industry.

Thanks to an Annual Fund-supported Diversity Fellowship, Malaika Thorne MBA ’09 translated her experience in the developing world into energy and sustainability studies at MIT Sloan.

Find out how Sloan influenced Ronald A. Kurtz ’54, who built and diversified a tungsten alloy company, retired and started another company aligned with his passion for photography, and has been an important part of MIT for 59 years.

Sujitpan Bao Lamsam SM ’87, born in Thailand then educated in western finance practices, was an the ideal candidate to help lead a Thai bank out of the Asian financial crisis.