Happy First Day of Summer! I figured this would be a good day to officially begin my summer blog, although the recent rain, wind, and cold has made it feel more like October than June. Luckily, this makes me want to be outside less – which is great, as I am never at a loss for indoor activities this summer. That is, when I’m not in lab, coordinating for Camp Kesem, or with friends, I can always be spending my time studying for the MCAT.  :-/ (Outside studying doesn’t work – just ask my freshman-year-self who tried studying on the benches along the Charles. (Not a good idea!))

Compared with my packed summer schedule, things were much different during the two weeks I spent at home in late May. I rediscovered the world of trashy television (particularlyThe Real Housewive’s of Orange County/New York/New Jersey, which I am obsessed with for unknown reasons). Specifically, one evening I sat down with my brother while he was watching The Science Channel, and after a few minutes I insisted he, “put something good on.” I promise I really do go to MIT! 🙂DSC01458

To the right, feast your eyes on my new view for the summer! What was your view like during your time at MIT?