Class of '59

The class of ′59 gave reunion attendees a lot to smile about last week. They marched with dignity—and some humor—into Killian Court on Friday. They danced their hearts out after Saturday’s class banquet. They even rallied at Reunion Row on Sunday, coming in second in the first heat. But one alum takes the cake for his ability to awe and inspire his fellow classmates—Oliver Seikel, lawyer and cycling enthusiast, biked 794 miles from his home in Cleveland, Ohio all the way to the steps of 77 Mass. Ave.


Affectionately dubbed the “fittest of the fiftieth,” Seikel maintained a blog for the duration of his trip and his local  TV station posted a video on his adventure.

(And in case you’re wondering, yes, even a bike trip can be infused with distinctly MIT-ish charm: “The wind made it possible to build up kinetic energy on the downhill, and then convert it back to potential energy on the uphill, with some entropic loss of course,” Seikel wrote in his blog after three days of riding.)