In a highly informal survey during Tech Reunions last weekend, Association Director of Communications Maggy Bruzelius asked alumni what three words they associate with MIT today. You’ll find them below.

Excellence, prestige, diversity: Wilfred Graves ’94

Opens many doors: Aarti Shukla ’94

The future, work, brains: Jim Monk ’64, SM ’71

Amazing, proud, world significant: Malcolm Green ’50, SM ’51

A great place: John Matthews ’44, SM ’47

Engineering, management, entrepreneurship: Michael Krasner ’74, SM ’75, EE ’75, PhD ’79

Energy, biology, engineering: Jean Hammond SM ’86

Making a difference, stepping stone: Bonny Kellermann ’72

Innovative, challenging, inspirational: Paula Elster ’74

Bigger, better, not cheaper; no longer battleship grey: Jon Tepper ’74, SM ’75

Impressive, encouraging, wow: Jean Mozolic ’74, SM ’76

More women, sterile, eek! (cost): Tom Howard ’74

Cleaner, brighter, cooler: Seth Powsner ’74

What three words would you use to describe MIT today?

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