Cole_Judith_oldpx“Alumni relations is about community building,” says Judith M. Cole, the newly appointed MIT Alumni Association executive vice president and chief executive officer. Cole has learned this lesson well during 17 years at Yale and five at Carnegie Mellon University. Although she officially starts in early August, she will be spending this weekend meeting alumni at Tech Reunions events, quickly diving into community building at MIT.

“Through the partnership of volunteers and staff, the campus community is expanded to become a university community that incorporates alumni into the life of the institution. Alumni are not an external audience—they are part of the family,” says Cole, who was a colleague of President Susan Hockfield’s at Yale.

Cole earned a master’s degree in public and private management at the Yale School of Management and a bachelor’s in business administration at the University of Colorado. She held positions at the Boston Consulting Group, AT&T Bell Laboratories, and Texas Commerce Bank early in her career.

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