Want to see the view from MIT’s hottest hack site–the Great Dome? Photographer and now videographer Eric Schmiedl, a senior majoring in Comparative Media Studies, offers a short video of MIT facilities folk taking down the Apollo hack. Their comments offer a glimpse of what it’s like to be on the other end of the hack experience.Apollo Hack. Photo: Eric Schmiedl

Schmiedl captures these hack removal specialists taking apart the largest and most difficult part of this week’s Apollo 11 lunar lander hack from the Great Dome: the welded steel base, too large to fit through any door. One facilities veteran on the roof had a hand in removing the legendary police car on the dome hack.

During his undergraduate years, Eric Schmiedl has avidly documented MIT life in photography. One of his images will be included in American Photography 25, one of the most prestigious photo competitions in the country. Fewer than 1 percent of the 10,000-plus images submitted were chosen for the honor. Schmiedl’s image was originally taken for the cover of a student-driven calendar meant to raise money for an Institute scholarship. Schmiedl’s Web site offers a history of hacks and much, much more.