BenNot too long ago, I was combing through Facebook when I came across a profile picture of my friend Ben. Actually, the picture wasn’t of Ben, it was of his name—and it was written in light. Maybe you know the 1920s photo of Picasso (below). It sort of reminded me of that.


A couple months went by before I stumbled upon a project called GlowDoodle, which is a collaboration between the MIT Media Lab and graduate student Eric Rosenbaum. Using your computer webcam and a bright or glowing object, GlowDoodle allows you to capture designs created with light and then share them on the project web site. Ever since I saw that photo of Ben, I had been looking for a tool just like this. So with no further ado, here is my first doodle:


Rosenbaum, whose background is in neuroscience, music, and education, has bookmarked a few of his favorite doodles on Flickr. Take a look and then make your own.