I asked this question of some friends of mine and was blown away by their answers! It’s easy to forget what a bunch of academic rockstars I’m associating with on a daily basis 😉

Here are the responses (via email)!

Ariadne ’10 says, “Working at EDF (Electricite de France) on smart metering for the home in Paris.”
Ernie ’12 says, “I don’t know exactly yet, but…I plan on getting a UROP with CSAIL or the Media Lab.”
Joey ’11 says, “Hey boggle, I am working in Iceland at a geothermal plant. The project I am working on is to figure out an economical way of extracting H2S, a pollutant gas, from the steam emitted by a geothermal plant.”
Chris ’10 says, “Getting Prachutist Certified, Working in my Senator’s Office, and being a Cadet Trainer for Field Training for the Air Force.”
Dan ’11 says: “get money. get paid. in shanghai. misti.”
Chris ’10 says: “Apple in CA, iPod product design.”
Lauren ’11 says: “Taking an MCAT class, working in a lab, and shadowing doctors.”
Ryan ’10 says: “I will be coding away at the iTunes Store at Apple HQ.”
Issac ’12 says: “langer lab UROP!”
Ellie ’10 says: “hanging out with the surgeon general in DC.”
Stacey ’11 says: “working for Boston Bikes/Hub on Wheels at City Hall.”
Jana ’10 says: “internship at oil company in Paris…and maybe studying for gre’s.”
Ariana ’12 says: “so jealous of everyone! working in a lab at USC.”
Pooja ’11 says: working at mass general hospital in a biomaterials labHOBBL -Hobbs Orthopedics Biomechanics and Biomaterials Lab…should be fun!”
Sonya ’11 says: “does studying for the mcat in mccormick count as cool? haha” [Editor’s note: YES!]
Claire ’11 says: “i’m going to madrid. i booked my flights today. goodday.”
Emily ’10 says: “im working for st. jude medical in minnesota and learning things for the mcats!”
Sam ’09 says: “Working for a lobbying firm for renewable energy in Madrid!”
Laura ’10 says: Hey Cbog! I’m going to Germany to do research on materials for artificial heart tissue
this summer.”
Aditi ’10 says: “i’m working at the Department of Energy doing stuff with the latest stimulus bill!”
Anna ’11 says: “MISTI France. I’ll be in Paris doing cancer research at Institut Curie.”

Whew! Okay—I wanted to post this before my inbox overflows any further. Like a few other friends, I will be staying in Boston to study for the MCAT, continue coordinating for Camp Kesem, and to continue researching in my lab at Childrens Hospital Boston. Full disclosure: I wish I were doing some of the things above instead… but ahhh, pre med duties! 🙂

What are you doing this summer? Or, alums, what DID you do during your summers at MIT?