A rooftop garden in St Petersburg. Photo: www.tve.org

A rooftop garden in St Petersburg. Photo: http://www.tve.org

Last week the MIT news office reported that two MIT staff members—a police sergeant and an administrative assistant—had teamed up to develop a pilot community garden on the roof of West Garage. The program is starting modestly by occupying only seven parking spaces, each capable of housing four garden plots. That means fewer than 30 people will be able to obtain plots, and according to the conditions of the pilot program, they will have to be either faculty or staff members.

In addition to the obvious delicious and nutritious food-related benefits of rooftop gardening, the news office story noted:

“[The project would] foster community… reduce [the institute’s] carbon footprint… and give back to those in need: At least 2 percent of all harvested produce will be given to Food for Free, a local charity that finds and distributes fresh food to pantries, meal programs, and shelters.”

What do you think about the program? Would you want MIT to expand its scope so that local alumni could get involved? And if you’re not local, what do you think are the possibilities of convincing your own community to adopt a similar program? Leave us a comment and let us know.