Play The Restaurant Game and help the MIT Media Lab create the first collaboratively authored computer game. The researchers hope to offer more convincing human social behavior than is currently possible with existing handcrafted artificial intelligence systems by capturing the nuances of reactions and language.

The Restaurant Game will algorithmically combine the game-play experiences of thousands of players to create a new game. Researchers are currently seeking at least 10,000 sessions (they had more than 8,700 as of this writing), and people are encouraged to play early and often. Each two-player game takes about ten minutes; you’ll be automatically matched with a partner once you join a server.

Designers will be ranked based on how well they play their assigned roles and accomplish their objectives. There will be only one Lead Designer. Remaining credits will be divided into Game Designers and Assistant Game Designers, and within each category individuals will be ranked according to the quality of their performance(s), determined computationally based on a number of factors.

Want to see the game in action? View the video and see what Mr. Negroponte does when his credit card is declined.