Screenshot of Greg Anderson reel

Screenshot from Greg Anderson's reel

One of the toughest parts of reporting and writing is culling material at the end of the day when it’s time to begin the first draft. That’s why this blog is so great—because the quotes below didn’t fit in my story about BAMIT’s 30th anniversary, but you still get to read them here.

And (perhaps more importantly) you also get to check out one of the *coolest* professional portfolio reels that I’ve ever seen.  (Screenshot above)

Quotes from the BAMIT event:

Saladin Patterson ′94 on why he, a Hollywood writer/director, wears his brass rat: “One day I find myself sitting in a room talking to George Lucas himself. I’m all nervous until I look down and see my rat. I look over at George—he doesn’t have a rat.  I do.”

Nelly Rosario ′94, author and professor, on science and art: “If science is about discovery, and fiction is about possibility, then I’m interested in discovering possibilities.”

Greg Anderson ′94, SM ′96, a visual effects artist and supervisor, on dreams: “Follow your dreams. They might not take you on a straightforward path, but follow them.”

Greg Anderson’s reel:

Visit Anderson’s Web site to learn more about his work.