“We have a problem,” my male-friend-who-shall-remain-nameless appeared at our door, looking a bit fearful.
“What’s wrong?”
“I just saw a mouse in my room.” mouse1

The past hour has consisted of a lot of screaming (me) and expletives (all of us) as we (mainly friends more brave than I) tried to lure a mouse from my friend’s room. At one point, as we stood outside his door with a box,  he thought he saw it again, and his recoil triggered one of the loudest screams I’ve ever heard coming from my own vocal chords. This is embarassing, but it was completely involuntary, I promise. Both our fears are rather irrational since I work with rats in my UROP and he works with mice. I reminded him of this, and his response was, “OH YEAH! I’ll just use the anesthesia and syringe in my backpack to anesthetize him!”

I’m pretty sure that’s the best “slice of MIT” combined with “ONLY at MIT” moment I could ever hope to give you.