Antiarctica icescape.

Antarctic icescape.

When the six MIT graduate students come back off the Antarctic ice today, they can read a message from you. Just leave it on the Message Wall at the snappy Web site for Expedition Antarctic 2009, an 11-day venture involving students and recent grads from 20 countries and 30 universities led by polar explorers and experts in climate change and energy.

See the “awesome craggy whiteness” that Lara Pierpoint, co-president of MIT Energy Club, describes in her online Diary and find out what she thinks humans and penguins have in common. Watch a video of 40-foot waves breaking over the ship’s bow during a storm in Drake’s passage. Track the group’s progress live on maps and in photos. Pick out the MIT student faces on the team—and faculty among the experts.

Their four days of expeditions out on the ice from the ship (weather permitting) ends tomorrow, when they head back to Argentina. The trip, sponsored by BP, ends April 5.