Boston and surrounding areas celebrated Restaurant Week in mid March and although the reduced price of $35 for a multi-course course meal might be a break for most, it’s still quite expensive for a college student! That’s where our awesome class council stepped in, subsidizing part of the meal down to a more affordable $15 (for dinner).

I was randomly placed at Sel De Le Terre (I have no idea what that means in English, but I suspect someone will tell me!), a classy french restaurant in Back Bay Boston. This year, we were only allowed to sign up to dine with one friend; the rest of our tablemates were chosen at random to increase mingling with other 2010s we might not know or know well. It was really fun, but also a strange reminder that there are so many (cool) people in our class that I’ve never even seen around before. With over a thousand students in my class, this seems like an obvious statement, but I’m a little uneasy with the concept of graduating having never met so many of my classmates.

Alums, what sort of role did your class council take during your time at MIT? Events like this? Something different? Did you even have an active class council with a (fairly large) budget? I would love to know!