Signs instant messaging client

Arrows allow Signs users to easily keep track of conversation threads.

The Media Lab’s Social Media Group is looking for beta testers for their new Signs instant messaging client. Signs aims to resolve the ambiguity that often plagues instant messaging, where multiple conversations appearing in a linear presentation can become confusing. The new product uses arrows and message highlighting to allow users to indicate which message in a chat log they are referring to. Signs also allows for collaborative drawing (which can also be animated), message redaction, and synchronized scrolling.

Signs instant messaging client with collaborative drawing

Signs users, each with a different color, can create collaborative drawings and move or delete the other person's art.

Beta-test volunteers are asked to use the IM client as much as possible when appropriate for at least one month. Signs works with all the major IM networks, but introduces its new features only when you’re speaking to other Signs users. Anybody to whom you speak via the client will need to use it too, although they do not need to formally be a part of the user study. View video of Signs in action then join the test.