In NatureNews‘ “Profile: Being Bob Langer,” you can spend a virtual day with the leader of the powerhouse MIT lab that is doing breathtaking bioengineering work. Bob Langer ScD ’74 has been called the Michael Jordan of engineering.

Children in war zones gain access to the larger world through laptops.

Access beyond war.

Children in conflict zones like Afghanistan and low-income areas from Ghana to Birmingham, Alabama, are now using laptops developed by One Laptop Per Child, a nonprofit founded by Nicholas Negroponte ’66, MAR ’66, at MIT.

Public health pioneer Ellen Swallow Richards, who in 1873 became the first woman to graduate from MIT, was the first person cited in President Barack Obama‘s Women’s History Month proclamation.

Bike-powered laundry.

Pump the laundry.

See a Huffington Post video of a bike-powered washing machine, invented by graduate student Radu Raduta ’05, SM ’08, in demonstrations led by MIT students in Peruvian slums.