LFM student Daniel Schweizer

LFM student Daniel Schweizer

One of the worst things about March in the U.S. is that it doesn’t include a proper Federal Holiday. For that reason, I’ve had a hard time truly embracing it  (and let me add, this year’s foot of snow on March 1st did not help).

However, my feelings toward March completely changed when I found out about an amazing tradition observed by the students of MIT Sloan’s Leaders for Manufacturing (LFM) program. It’s called… Mustache March.

What is Mustache March? It’s part competition, part celebration, and part fundraiser. Drew Hill, a current LFM student explained the rules  in his blog, Better than Cheese:

February 13th: All LFM Mustache March contestants must report for inspection with a clean shaven face.

March 2nd:  Facial hair must be trimmed into an acceptable mustache pattern.  Inspection and pictures for documentation are conducted in the LFM office at lunch time.  As defined by the governing board of this competition: A mustache is defined as an island of hair that is at least 3cm (root to root) from the nearest body of facial hair.  A mustache is an island (no goatees).

March 14th:  Judging will occur at 11:30 in E40-315 and yes, pictures will be taken! Each class will select a chosen representative for each category listed below, and then all LFMs present will vote. Awards will be given for the following categories:

  • Best of Show – The name basically sums it up. This award is reserved for the most spectacular specimen produced over the course of the month.
  • Most Disturbing – When you look at this mustache, goosebumps will appear in places you didn’t know you had follicles. If you saw a layman on the street with this mustache, you’d warn other peoples’ children about this man.
  • Most Fitting – Sometimes the stars align and a man becomes something… more, with a mustache. This award is given to the mustache that makes a man greater than the sum of his otherwise wholly inadequate parts.
  • Dirtlip Award – The little follicles that couldn’t.

The mustached men would like onlookers to donate money to the Red Sox Foundation. Inspired? You can make a contribution online.

And with no further ado, check out a few photos of Mustache March’s current participants. Like what you see? Let us know if you want us to photograph the judging on March 14th.