Tonight, on the phone with my mother, I was talking about how strange it is that just last year I was a sophomore but next year, I will be a senior.  Think about that statement while not considering that I’m currently a junior; it becomes much more dramatic! Anyway, it’s especially weird in that I often forget I’ve even graduated from high school. I was reminded of this today when a friend of mine introduced me to her prefrosh, a junior in high school interested in Naval Engineering. dsc01332

My friend explained to her that MIT’s version of that used to be course 13, Ocean Engineering, but OE (can I use that acronym??) is now part of course 2, Mechanical Engineering (in case you’re getting rusty with your numbers!), since a lot of the basic principles are the same. Hmmm, good to know!

To be honest, I’m totally jealous of prefrosh. I SO wish I could go back to that period of time prior to coming to MIT and post getting in to colleges. Imagining yourself at various schools and knowing that your life, and many great experiences, are only about to begin is one of the best feelings in the world.