MIT Media Lab

Photo: MIT Media Lab

Over the weekend, a friend of mine mentioned that he had just heard about some work at MIT’s Media Lab that involved projecting data onto any random flat surface, like, say, the palm of your hand, or a notebook.

For example, let’s say I forgot my watch. By using this Media Lab gadget—called Sixth Sense—I could draw a circle on my wrist and POOF! a digital clock face would appear.

Honestly,  I chalked up his story to a)his vivid imagination and b)exhaustion— but it turns out he wasn’t lying! The Media Lab folks really have created a wearable prototype that knits together a mobile projector, a Webcam, and a mobile phone so that data can be retrieved, projected, and viewed in a manner entirely free of paper and screens.

Read more about the Sixth Sense project on the Media Lab site, and watch a video about it below.