A 3-D intensity profile of reflected infrared light from the MIT-made mirror fiber.

In 2002, Fink created high-performance mirrors in the shape of hair-like flexible fibers--here "MIT" is rendered in mirror fiber.

A 19-year-old’s life was saved after his brain surgeon stumbled across information on a technology created at MIT. In December, a North Carolina surgeon was feeling down after a failed brain tumor surgery–he could only remove 20 percent of the tumor. That night, after putting his kids to bed, he was browsing CNN online when he discovered the exact tool he needed. Emails flew and within 72 hours he had the flexible, guided laser device (video) in his hands. A day later, he used it to incinerate and remove the remaining tumor.

The Omni Guide device was based on the invention of perfect mirrors created by Associate Professor Yoel Fink PhD ’00, when he was a graduate student. The device was originally designed for the military and only available to surgeons since fall. The device delivers a high-powered CO2 laser beam through a highly flexible fiber. See the device in action. Learn more about Fink’s research developing entirely new classes of fiber devices and other materials science news. Hot stuff!